Just starting up this page and project on this car. The base is a 1996 Cadillac Fleetwood. Factory equipped with a 350cu LT1 V8 with 260 horse, 330 torque through a 4 speed automatic. True dual exhaust from the factory, seating for 6, GM's top of the line luxury liner of her day.Updates as of Feb 2010Under the hood, has gone a 218/224 @ .500 112 LSA cam Beehive valvesprings RAISS CAI LT1 Edit with my own tuning.Transmission has been rebuilt, using the common Z-pack and stage 3 clutches, 2400 Johnny Winters stall converter, transmission oil cooler.Returned to a 2.56 open diff after my 3.42 posi crumpled, and the 2.56 was cheapest to do. Overall, life and the economy has crushed the project into just a daily driver that's not even being loved, just counted on.  Here's to 153k on the clock.