Ah.....My first car. A beautiful 1988 Mercury Grand Marquis. That car was awesome. I originally bought the car in 2004 for $500 but unfortunately I only had the car for roughly 10 months. Towards the end of my ownership my car was severely vandalized. INCIDENT 1: I go to my car to find my cd player stolen along with half of mine and my brothers cds.Tire was slashed along with it. INCIDENT 2: 4 DAYS LATER...The night before I had broken up with my boyfriend.Lo and behold I get a call from my friends mother tellin me my car got vandalized. This time the windshield back window and front drivers side window were all smashed.Tire was also slashed again.I WONDER WHO COULD HAVE DONE IT....HMMMMMM...Lemme think. It ended up costing me almost $700 just to replace the windows. INCIDENT 3: THE DAY AFTER I GETTHE CAR HOME FROM THE GLASS COMPANY,SOME ASSHOLE IN A LITTLE BITTY HONDA CIVIC RAMS MY CAR WHILE ITS PARKED!!! The rear drivers door is no longer usuable.The quarter panel is also destroyed. I KNOW WHO RAMMED MY CAR TOO....CAN YOU GEESS WHO GOT HIS BUDDY TO STEAL A CIVIC AND RAM MY CAR?????? I BET YOU CAN.... INCIDENT 4: Because I had to replace the windows in my car,I could no longer afford the car insurance. My insurance gets cancelled. So now my car sits and vegetates. I go down to my car to get something and the side mirrors are broken off,the antenna is bent in a dozen different directions, all 4 tires are now flat, the hood is caved in.This time it was these little bastards on my street thinkin their cool for destroying a car. So Now I had to junk my poor car. Thanks alot you assholes for ruining a nice car