This is the car. I have big plans for it. I am going to be doing alot of changes over a period of time. I have a 93 civic dx that is getting striped of parts needed for the car. This is were the car was hit at, i think. I bought it like that. There is some rust there so mite be hard to fix. This is the rear, I have carbon fiber tail lights. That is really about it, oh I aslo have the JDM emblems. This is the right side and it looks pretty straight.,/B> The front nothing big other than JDM emblems here too. The engine. Now I just took a look at this and it is a B18. First mods will probably be intake,headers, fuel rail, distributer, and other ends and outs. The das is stock also, has a JVC deck in there but going to be ripped out. look for paint and gauges soon. The Miles are really high but the motor was strong, Besides got the car for 800 bucks!! Back seat, and thats about it. These are the rims. Not sure what brand but really beat up so going to be replaced.