So far this is the only pic I have of my 1980 Rabbit race project. The basic idea is to take the shell, weld a cage in it, throw some Sparco Speed seats in it, drop a 1.8L 16V on ITBs in the engine bay and do some racing! I have had the car for about 3 years and it has just been sitting in my garage about how it looks in the picture. I have dome most of the wiring since then, though. I stripped out the entire car, wiring included, made my own dash board and rewired the entire car front to back with a Painless Wiring 12 circuit street legal race car harness. No additional weight, no unneeded crap. I started on the ITB setup yesterday and I will be running a MegaSquirt management system. The ITBs are actually from a 2001 Suzuki GSX-R 750 motorcycle witch I modified to fit the car. I got them on the head yesterday and they look awesome. So far other than that I have a P&P head, 3 angle valve job, TT cams, lightened flywheel and race clutch. I should have the motor together ths winter and hopefully have it running for the auto cross season. If not, I always have my '84 GTi to get my fix. I will be taking lots of pics on the Rabbit buildup from now on, so stay tuned.... More internet fun! Check out RENNWAGENS