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DatsunB210’s 1977 Datsun B210

This is my Datsun B210. Me and my dad have had ...

Another DatsunB210 1977 Datsun B210 post...
  • Nov 12, 2013

We have just bought this 1976 Datsun B210 Hatchback.
APRIL 13-2006
It's all torn up and destroyed and the engine doesn't work but we have 2 extra engines and we ... more

Another DatsunB210 1977 Datsun B210 post...
  • Nov 12, 2013

These are some pics of the yellow Datsun and the new white datsun that we got. The 4 pics on the left are the yellow Datsun and the engine. The 3 pics on the right are t ... more

Another DatsunB210 1977 Datsun B210 post...
  • Nov 12, 2013

This is my dads Datsun B210
This is what the car looked like when we first bought it. The color looks different and i don't know why.

It has a JVC AM/FM C ... more

Another DatsunB210 1977 Datsun B210 post...
  • Nov 12, 2013

This is the nicest Datsun and newest one we have.

It has a Pioneer AM/FM CD Player and a Fosgate amp under the right seat.It also has two 10 inch Electra speaker ... more

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  • Engine Size
  • HP
  • 0-60 Time
  • Weight
  • 1/4m sec
  • Torque
  • Top Speed
    -1 mph
  • Exterior Color
  • Interior Color

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Comments (12)
  • edolson
    I have 76 datusn b210 parts for sale. 2dr hatchback doors, right fender, 4speed trans, deck glass, vents, shift console, tail light, from $10 to $40 ea if you are interested. Ed Olson 805 529-3101
  • jmhaberaf
    Great cars, they bring back allot of memories, my friend had one in high school, cost him 75 bucks and we drove it everywhere...the floors were rusted out and it had a loud speaker for a radio speaker...we beat the hell out of it and it would not die...the left front tire fell off one day driving down the road because the controll arms were rusted so bad....
  • mousehousemoparm
    I like your collection of B-210 hatchbacks and I am extremely jealous. I am looking for one of those myself with out much success to this point. My mother had a 1976 Datsun B-210 hatchback when I was a teen. It had two deadly ailments. Vermont road salt and my father driving it over a bridge railing on an icy road. The bridge killed it but the road salt had already taken a fatal bite. I now live in central Florida and am looking for a B-210 hatchback to drive back and forth to work and to restore for fun. Thanks Gregg
  • blueroo
    A while back you asked where I found a supplier for B210 molded dash. Here you go!
  • 1046PAD
    excellent collection man..i'm extremely impressed.those datsuns are in the best guys make me which those cars were still being this time i'm trying 2 acquire a 2 door b210 sedan that saw here in ny but can't seem 2 find the owner 2 ask him if he's selling'll make a great sr20det project.i just love datsuns man..don't u?!
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