hey My truck is for sale!!!!!!! $3,500 i will trade for chevy or gmc z71 please email be if u want know more about my truck and serious buyer & trader only! Its has new motor, 7,500 miles on it and rebuild transmission has 5 miles on it, its really nice truck, the truck milesage is 162,000 it has new tires, fuel pump, filer, fuel tank, u joints. It's a really good truck, been offroading one time in woods and got many scratches on my both side of my trucks.. it has dents on my driver side fenders front and back too, the truck was from hunting and fishing game warden. If you want to buy or trade my truck please email me at bearattack909@hotmail.com The tires are mud dawg and the rims are 15 inches, the top of hood and cab has paint fainting away. I want to sell it and try something diffrent and i want try chevy or gmc 7z1 4x4 and this truck is 1992 dodge power ram 4x4 5.2 v8 318 and its automotic