My car, my baby, is a 1993 Honda Civic EX. Her name is Molly. Why Molly you ask, well the name just seems to fit.I have no intention to deceive anyone into thinking my car is suped up or that the sound system is high end competition quality. I do want to improve the perfomance and the stereo system, but I'm paying for it myself and I'm a full time college student so its slow going. But in the end, and even now, I will have pride in my car.and on to the stats;Headunit: Blaupunkt Nevada 168RDMFront Speakers: Blaupunkt PCXT 542[5 1/4"]Rear Speakers: Blaupunkt PCXT 652[6 1/2"]Amp for Speakers: Orion Cobalt 200.4Subwoofer: Blaupunkt PCWI 1200[12"]Amp for Sub: Orion Cobalt 150.2Sub Box: R/T 1.25 internal volumeWiring/Accessories: Monster CableSecurity: DEI ViperWHATS IN STORE FOR THIS BOMBSHELL:Headunit: ALpine CDA-7893Front Speakers: CDT 5.25 componetsRear Speakers: Infinity Kappay 60.3i 3-waySubs: 2 Audiomobile EVO 10"Sub encloser/amp rack: custom handbuilt fiberglass/MDFAmp for subs: Alpine MDV-M300 Amp for front componet speakers: Orion Cobalt 150.2Amp for rear 3-way speakers: Orion Cobalt 200.4Wiring/Accessories: Monster CableSecurity: DEI Viperand a new more powerful alternatorAnd lots of new pics [soon I hope]!!!!