Those two Saab 9000 fuel pumps feed the voracious engine through parallel, 9mm fuel lines Alfredsson fabbed, and the flood of octane is handled by a ProSpark ignition and fuel management system. Current output according to the SQR chassis dyno--running 1.95 bar (28 psi) of boost--is 595 hp. He's run upwards of 2.8 bar (41 psi!!) on the street, and currently has the engine rev-limited to 7800 rpm, after a dyno run ending at exactly 9473 rpm instigated an engine-internals catastrophe of biblical proportions. As you might have prophesized, channeling that much horse-pressure through an open differential could be pricey unless you own Pirelli stock. Unable to find a suitable locking differential for his application, Alfredsson simply welded up the stock one. This 600 hp, rear-wheel-drive, 2,900-lb Volvo has a permanently locked differential. Alfredsson says it's rarely a problem, unless you wish to turn, to which he injected: "You turn with the throttle." Anyone wishing to see God should simply take a spin with Adroukh. Even the Almighty couldn't call shotgun, however, as Adroukh removed the passenger seat for a track day and never reinstalled it. The effect from the rear bench is akin to a carrier launch on your sofa. "If you try to accelerate in third gear, even at 130, 140 kph [80, 90 mph] the tires just spin up. The car starts to feel loose over 250 kph [155 mph], and it gets there quickly," Adroukh calmly explains. "With the locked diff it wants to go straight--you need to get on the gas to get it to turn. You are terrified and excited at the same time." Nodding while I digest this conversational nugget, Adroukh adds flatly, "Lots of donuts." So what'll she do? This mother of all Volvos has only been to the dragstrip once, where it did it's best to liquefy the 225/45-series Pirelli rear tires, but still turned an 11.91-sec. 1/4-mile. More telling is the trap speed, a brisk 122 mph. "With the 7800 rpm rev limit, it works out to 259 kph in fourth [160 mph]...I've never been to redline in fifth, but with that rev limit, it works out to 290-something kph." That's 180-something mph. We got a peek at Adroukh next project car, lurking in the corner of his backyard shop, draped with sheets against January's chill. Tired of evaporating tires, it's another 244, into which he's inserting a turbocharged inline-six and his own all-wheel-drive system. As for this Laser Blue rocket, Alfredsson says plainly that he wants to have the fastest street legal 244 in Lebanon. "The turbo from the 9-liter engine should help out," he said, thinking out loud. "With some mods that will allow more boost, that will take it up to around 1000 hp. Then I will also add nitrous. Should be enough."