Click Member ID to see my Garage. Dis Expo belonged to a ghetto hero from out dat Bossier City that showed up and showed off the whole time he had 10 toes down. Tracy Jacobs RIP homeboy...thanks for guiding ya lil homeboy in the right direction. These pics are dated back to one was driving Expeditions but doctors, not to mention that it was paid out, leathered up and on 20's all within 1 week out of jail. back then tires/rims together was $ thats stuntin' I see you Pistol Pete swervin in da burban wit da 20in MOMO Stratus...They still chop, i'm lookin for some for the Caprice in 22 yall was aheada ya time...hold it down homeboy they gotta set u free one day they can't hold you in there forever you too Pap I see you. RIP--to my daddy sammie, BUBBA, big chatt, candy mane, da twins calvin & melvin,anthony capers, kendall adams, terrel pugh, issac johnson and lil starchky.