i own a 1989 jeep wrangler yj larado it has the 4.2 liter in line six with the 5 speed manual tranny yes it is what i learnd stick on it has a/c and a heater that works even with out top and doors i bought it last augest i really like it and the only bad things were i thought i was getting a good deal i payed just under 5000 for it it runs good well the deal was not that good i had to replace a front u-joint the first week i had pluse i had to re wire the tail lamps then i thought it would be a good idea to lift out the carpet wish i would not have done that because i foung that the drives side floor has a hole in it yet to be fixed any way i am planing to get that fixed soon along with getthing a bikini top and in the future hope fully soon upgadeing the axles to a dana 60 rear an 45 front and a 3inch lift with some nice tires i will keep u guy updated on what up with the beast ok now i have done a few more things i replaced my old blown out spearkers with some thing way newer and better infinity reference 4/6 plates and i put the 6/9 panasonics in back and it sounds pretty good if i had a head unit that worked all the time it would be great i have also reweird the rear defrost which was great cuz the next week we had a freeze from hell that week was a blast any way more about the jeep i have also fixed the horn that was fun but ya untill i think of what else i have done peace any way i just got some new seat covers yesterday put them on they r really nice but ya i will get some new befor after pic of that and my speakers ok no new pics yet i just started work at gander and yea not much time i just orderd a quick top kit for my jeep and a new hardtop seal i hope that cuts down on the noise on the highway i update once that is on cya