Welcome too my little site on the sounddomain.com site, I own a 1988 Dodge Lancer Es which is been completely redone since the first day I owned it, couple engine mods have been done so far are Engine.... Chrysler 2.2 Turbo Weisco Pistons Bored .050 over T2 eagle rods with floating wrist pins T2 crankshaft Ported and polished 728 Cast head w/3 angle valve job Ported and polished intake manifold and exhaust Arp head bolts,rod bolts,mains Transmission.... Chrysler a-413 3spd transmission with Cheetah shifter with reverse manual valvebody Fuel.... Walbro 255lph fuel pump Mopar Performance Injectors 53lbs/hr 327hp rated Enforcer ll fuel rail with adjustable fuel pressure regulator ECM.... Fwdperformance computer stage 3 Turbo.... Enforcer ll turbocharger good for around 350hp .63 A/R with custom made air intake with a K@N Filter Induction.... Spearco 1100cfm intercooler good for around 800hp