This was my first car and it is my baby. I built the engine which is a 9.8:1 compression 350 with a Holley Systemax induction kit. On paper it makes 350 horses and 370 ft. lbs. of torque. Fuel is fed by a Professional Products Retrotek Powerjection I system. Exhaust is true dual 2.5" with x-pipe coming out of Chrome headers and flowing through Hooker Aerochamber mufflers. Transmission is  currently the original turbo 350, but I am rebuilding a 700r4 to put in it for the overdrive and lower first gear. Suspension has been upgraded with 9c1 springs and sway bars. Interior is stock except instruments are a Dakota Digital VFD system, and a Grant 14.75 three spoke wheel. Overall it is a quick fun car that can beat some of the mustangs to 100.  Current paint is Tangerine Pearl that I sprayed myself after doing my own bodywork.