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  • suzq044
  • suzq044 | Gray,GA

Saturday come & gone..  - 16301145
Saturday come & gone..  - 16301146
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Saturday come & gone..

Had fun at this little show. It was primarily LX Chryslers (Magnum, 300C, Charger and Challenger) with a few Rams and a couple SRT Jeeps in the mix as well. ... Show more

Let there be light!  - 16293181
Let there be light!  - 16301142
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Let there be light!

As you can see, I am working on lighting up my Jace a little; literally, in this case. Really cheap mod; right now it's being held together with super-strong... Show more

More pics of the 3G products.  - 16287659
More pics of the 3G products.  - 16287660
More pics of the 3G products.  - 16287661
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More pics of the 3G products.

Just a re-take and pic of the complete kit. :) to order ;) 

Forgot one! - 16282683

Forgot one!

Forgot to add this on the first post, apparently. These are also from; feel free to contact them about it, as I don... Show more

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2013 Dodge Dart

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