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  • supraholic2002
  • supraholic2002 | Brandon,FL

Update Time!

XXR 527's 18x9.75 SquareEibach Lowering springs

Then Along Came the 1JZGTE - 16302805
Then Along Came the 1JZGTE - 16302806
Then Along Came the 1JZGTE - 16302808
10 photos

Then Along Came the 1JZGTE

This is just a summary of what the build was like. Full 1JZ swap 

7m Rebuild Parts - 16302792
7m Rebuild Parts - 16302794
7m Rebuild Parts - 16302798
8 photos

7m Rebuild Parts

This was the build after a melted piston and blown head gasket. Aftermarket Parts-ARP Head Stud and Nut Kit-Cometic Metal Head Gasket

The Beginning  - 16302730
The Beginning  - 16302729
The Beginning  - 16302731
3 photos

The Beginning

This are some of the first pictures I have of the car when I got it of course after a bit of cleaning

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1988 Toyota Supra

Updated 8/19/2013 5:28:00 PM

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