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  • steelwagon6
  • steelwagon6 | Marlborough,

Stance and Exterior Mods - 19052262
Stance and Exterior Mods - 19052261
Stance and Exterior Mods - 19052263
5 photos

Stance and Exterior Mods

Finished up the stance and installed the hood and front/side splitters. I think she's almost ready. Also took her to Staggered 2014 in CT and got some good r... Show more

New Stance Pics - 19046901
New Stance Pics - 19046902
New Stance Pics - 19046903
5 photos

New Stance Pics

Still have a lot to finish, but here is my test fitment of the new wheels!

Major changes on the way - 19036171
Major changes on the way - 19036172
Major changes on the way - 19036174
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Major changes on the way

Well someone stole my front lip and a carbon downforcer in the night before the winter so I'm using this as an excuse for a bit of a facelift. Lots of big th... Show more

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1999 Mazda 626

Updated 11/21/2013 4:18:00 PM

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2004 Mazda MAZDA6

Updated 6/20/2014 5:52:00 AM

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