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The Beginning

I am not sure where to start but ill start here. Am the third owner of ths 1983 Mazda Rx7 Limited. When i got her, she was in rough shape. She was a DD with ... Show more

The Broken Sole - 19067277
The Broken Sole - 19067278
The Broken Sole - 19067279
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The Broken Sole

So the part where I am going to get flamed for. The engine I chose to use is a 1994 ford escort Gt 1.8L. Its very similar to the miata and needs modification... Show more

The Frankenstein RX7 - 19067269
The Frankenstein RX7 - 19067270
The Frankenstein RX7 - 19067271
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The Frankenstein RX7

I came up with a ideal thats not going to put me at the top of oh thats cool but being tight on money and useing only what i have to build this i need to mak... Show more

The  Transmission - 19067281
The  Transmission - 19067282
The  Transmission - 19067283
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The Transmission

Because i chose a odd set up i need a even odder transmission. I picked up a used 1.6L transmission similar to the 1.8 but softer gear ratios. I could aways ... Show more

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1983 Mazda RX-7

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