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  • rallychez
  • rallychez | Fairbury,IL

System - 16313702
System - 16313703
System - 16313704
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This is the System I have in the 97 Avenger.   There is the 2 Kicker L7 12in subs with the 2 amps.  Showing the dynomat added in the trun... Show more

Custom lighting of the Avenger

There is UFO underbody lights that go from the front to the sides then the back then travel inside the car.  There is blue LED lights under the dash and... Show more

97 Dodge Avenger - 16312474
97 Dodge Avenger - 16312475
97 Dodge Avenger - 16312476
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97 Dodge Avenger

This is the start of my page.  I got the car with the rims, paint and system.  I have upgraded the system wiring by changing the alt to a... Show more

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1997 Dodge Avenger

Updated 9/4/2013 11:48:00 AM