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The Black Knight lives once again.

So after a year of setting and waiting for me to get the funds together for the new engine,  a month for the dealership to take there time and install, and 2... Show more

Return of the Black Knight!!!

Hello Everyone,   So after sitting and doing nothing for a year now. My black 06 fusion will live once more. I tried to gain the income to get and brand ne... Show more

Ride gone down! - 19020102
Ride gone down! - 19020103
Ride gone down! - 19020104
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Ride gone down!

As of September my Fusion is down. Engine suffered internal damage do to installation error from who ever built the 3.0l Duratech motor it had. I need 2.5k t... Show more

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2006 Ford Fusion

Updated 5/6/2015 1:57:00 PM

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