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Project Dragonfly Chapter II - 19192292
Project Dragonfly Chapter II - 19192293
Project Dragonfly Chapter II - 19192294
5 photos

Project Dragonfly Chapter II

Some pics of the inside of my AE101 engine bay. It's not finished yet and a lot of the parts seen in these pics will be or already have been replaced or upgr... Show more

New engine bling - 19192200
New engine bling - 19192201
New engine bling - 19192202
5 photos

New engine bling

Ordered a new all aluminum Radiatorthought I had to buy new fan(s) but this radiator came with some. new parts came in last week aluminum radiator and coola... Show more

The Re-Boot - 19191736
The Re-Boot - 19191737
The Re-Boot - 19191738
7 photos

The Re-Boot

Installed some of my older existing mods and some of my newer ones.  

How things are so far

Bought this corolla from my coworker. She told all she knew was wrong with the car. The heater and ac didn't work or so she thought. The brake lights didn't ... Show more

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1994 Toyota Corolla

Updated 10/29/2018 6:47:00 PM

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1997 Geo Prizm

Updated 10/24/2018 7:51:00 PM

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