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  • neonshow | Mesa,AZ

Bondurant - 19089519


12/6/14: Took the Camaro to the track at Bondurant and participated in Auto Cross and Open Track.

Powder Coated Rims - 19088526

Powder Coated Rims

6/23/12: Had the stock 45th Anniversary rims custom powerdercoated two tone. Spokes are red and the rest is black.

Mini Blackbird - 19088528

Mini Blackbird

1/27/13: Created a mini Blackbird for my kids to drive around. Did the 45th stripes myself as well as painted the rims & bowties.

Recaro Child Car Seat - 19088530

Recaro Child Car Seat

6/3/13: Purchased these car seats for my kids to ride along in the Blackbird. They fit so much better than a normal car seat in the small back seat of the... Show more

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