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  • N DC5
  • N DC5 | White Hall,MD

My first summer... - 16268480
My first summer... - 16268482
My first summer... - 16268488
10 photos

My first summer...

Couple updates, pics pretty much show a good bit of it. Better wheel and exterior pics coming once it stops raining and I can actually wash the car! Also hav... Show more

The beginning. - 15975077
The beginning. - 15975592
The beginning. - 15975593
5 photos

The beginning.

I got my Nighthawk Black Pearl RSX Type S (DC5) in April of '12 as a replacement for my Civic, I wanted a platform that more suited my tastes so I moved onto... Show more

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2005 Acura RSX

Updated 7/11/2013 8:04:00 AM