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  • Mattman1121
  • Mattman1121 | ,FL

Repairs - 19061270
Repairs - 19061271
2 photos


The Eclipse has been diagnosed with a blown head gasket...I thought about just getting rid of it and moving on, but my wife supported me and reminded me I wo... Show more

Bad News - 19046107

Bad News

Unfortunately, the engine in the Eclipse has stopped working while I've been away. Also, a leak formed in the roof and ruined the driver's seat. My wonderful... Show more

The Trip - 2775737
The Trip - 2775763
The Trip - 2775779
4 photos

The Trip

Here's a few photos from when we picked the car up from Indiana and made the trip down to Florida. As soon as we crossed the Florida state border we put the ... Show more

Exhaust Installation - 2777537
Exhaust Installation - 2777574
Exhaust Installation - 2777613
6 photos

Exhaust Installation

The most difficult part of installing the new exhaust was removing the old one. We ended up having to drill out on of the old bolts because it was so rusted ... Show more

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2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse

Updated 7/2/2014 6:35:00 AM

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