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Sawyer Tuning ST8PRO chip - 19192095
Sawyer Tuning ST8PRO chip - 19192096
Sawyer Tuning ST8PRO chip - 19192097
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Sawyer Tuning ST8PRO chip

I did a lot of research on aftermarket modifications to the ECU or Engine Control Unit. Many of these modifications called for splicing wiring. I wanted some... Show more

Leatherette Car Seat Covers - 19191816
Leatherette Car Seat Covers - 19191817
Leatherette Car Seat Covers - 19191818
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Leatherette Car Seat Covers

I got these Coverking Cashmere Leatherette Car Seat Covers on Amazon. They fit amazingly well and were easy to put on.and cover up the dings that I got in my... Show more

Wooden Steering Wheel Cover - 19191251
Wooden Steering Wheel Cover - 19191252
Wooden Steering Wheel Cover - 19191253
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Wooden Steering Wheel Cover

The 1999-2000 RX300 models have a gray steering wheel unlike the 2001-2003 models that combine wood. This steering wheel cover was a great find on Show more

Another lexmex 1999 Lexus RX post... - 7532153
Another lexmex 1999 Lexus RX post... - 7532154
Another lexmex 1999 Lexus RX post... - 7532155
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Another lexmex 1999 Lexus RX post...

The idea works as follows. Engine air is necessary otherwise the engine will choke at low idle. This is the reason for the incision on the top of the 7 inch ... Show more

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1999 Lexus RX

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