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Puddle lights..why not :) - 19196661

Puddle lights..why not :)

So I bought these on a whim..I was in debate weather they would look tacky or trick. Personally IRL they look trick to me and didn't turn my car into a civic... Show more

0-60 Timers :P - 19196622

0-60 Timers :P

So I more or less when through the Apple I phone store for 0-60 timers to try and figure out my 0-60 and possible quarter mile. I can tell you I have tried, ... Show more

True Cost of Ownership part 2  - 19196604
True Cost of Ownership part 2  - 19196605
2 photos

True Cost of Ownership part 2

Well been kinda slow on the upgrades had to replace the starter for 1600.00. This solved my slow start problem I had been bitching about since I got the car.... Show more

New Windshield  - 19194092
New Windshield  - 19194093
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New Windshield

Well if you guys were every curious about the Cost to replace a windshield on a BMW with a heads up display. Here is your answer gives you pause when you are... Show more

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