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  • HxcRobb | West Chester,PA

New Ricer mirror and my pooch! - 16207607
New Ricer mirror and my pooch! - 16207608
New Ricer mirror and my pooch! - 16207609
4 photos

New Ricer mirror and my pooch!

Just ordered a wink mirror and a shit load of stickers (for the extra horsepower of course) to cover the mirror with. Also say hey to my new pooch Caesar!

Springs Pics - 16207603
Springs Pics - 16207604
Springs Pics - 16207605
4 photos

Springs Pics

Just some more clean pics of the car. Struts and shocks will be here shortly. They won't make any noticeable difference but yea. ... Show more

Squeaky clean! - 16197430
Squeaky clean! - 16197418
Squeaky clean! - 16197417
4 photos

Squeaky clean!

Just cleaned her out front of the apartment. All nice and shined up for some eye candy pics. More to come when I can get the rust... Show more

Man invents the wheel... - 16196955
Man invents the wheel... - 16196956
Man invents the wheel... - 16196957
3 photos

Man invents the wheel...

These photos suck. I'll take more when the car is clean and it's a nice day. The rims are BBS 18"x8.25 with 245/40R18's. They are... Show more

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2009 Honda Civic

Updated 5/13/2013 1:48:00 AM

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