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  • ErekBailey96
  • ErekBailey96 | Warren,MI

Cb mounting - 19058662
Cb mounting - 19058663
Cb mounting - 19058664
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Cb mounting

Finally getting around to mounting my cb. my antenna in still a magnetic one till i get my next check then it will ether be mounted to the back bumper or on ... Show more

pulling out my friend - 19049559

pulling out my friend

2003 f250 diesel 6in lift half way up his axle pulled him 90% of the way out before i started sinking. my front tires were 2 feet from the gravel. then hi... Show more

Enter your post title... - 19046663

Enter your post title...

i miss living up north. i cant get any off road pics down here. come june ill have them tho. been on fb and all my friends are getting out on the trails and ... Show more

bumpers - 19045507
bumpers - 19045508
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front bumpers getting replaced (rusted through) KC light bar from amazon (cheap lights tho) rear bumper built in lights (tied into reverse lights)

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1992 Ford Ranger Super Cab

Updated 6/14/2016 8:07:00 PM

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1997 Ford Explorer

Updated 6/18/2014 10:11:00 AM

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