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  • Eddie E Suarez
  • Eddie E Suarez | ,

Body work and paint - 19062222
Body work and paint - 19062223
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Body work and paint

Crashes were corrected, rush was taken care of and car was painted two tone Silver Lime Green and Phantom Black.

KA24E taken out, KA24DE welcome! - 19062214
KA24E taken out, KA24DE welcome! - 19062215
KA24E taken out, KA24DE welcome! - 19062216
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KA24E taken out, KA24DE welcome!

Old KA24E was taken out and replaced by a rebuilded KA24DE sponsored by team_____ (soon to mention name). Engine bay painted with Hyundai Genesis 2013 WU8 pa... Show more

In the beginning.... - 19062198
In the beginning.... - 19062199
In the beginning.... - 19062200
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In the beginning....

Once upon a time there was this 240sx coupe all beat up, no hope where giving and i bought it for a mere $380...

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1989 Nissan 240SX

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