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  • csroush81
  • csroush81 | Lincoln, Nebraska,NE

Got a new stance! - 16175074
Got a new stance! - 16175077
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Got a new stance!

So i got tired of the huge amount of wheel gap the cobra is born with so i had some H&R SS springs installed along with a few upgrades to improve perform... Show more

Daily Driver - 15989343

Daily Driver

This is the Jeep that I bought as a daily Driver for my Fiance. Its not my favorite vehicle and is build like a Dogde Neon. . . except it has  four whee... Show more

DSM Update  - 15986267

DSM Update

This is what the GSX looks like right now, except that the car sits alot lower, due to the fact that I installed the Tein Superstreet coilovers and... Show more

My DSM Build. - 15985797

My DSM Build.

I have been building this car for the past two years for my fiance Tiffany. It is her dream car so everything is getting redone from the ground up. Afte... Show more

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2004 Ford Mustang

Updated 5/1/2013 2:07:00 AM

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1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse

Updated 10/18/2012 8:12:00 PM

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2002 Jeep Liberty

Updated 4/19/2013 7:31:00 AM

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