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  • Chris Birdsong
  • Chris Birdsong | Lubbock,TX

The reason I wont let my Z go. - 19048970
The reason I wont let my Z go. - 19048971
The reason I wont let my Z go. - 19048972
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The reason I wont let my Z go.

My granddad was not a fan of imports, but he still helped me with every vehicle I've had, regardless if it was domestic or import. This would be the last car... Show more

Love this pic! - 19048934

Love this pic!

My favorite pic of my Z so far! Just thought I'd share :)

She lives!!! - 19048923
She lives!!! - 19048924
She lives!!! - 19048925
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She lives!!!

Been trying to upload videos but cant get them to work. So here are a few pics of the first start, then after I moved it to the house and some driving pics :... Show more

Found some old pictures - 19048885
Found some old pictures - 19048886
Found some old pictures - 19048887
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Found some old pictures

I found some old pics of both Z's on my old Myspace page

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1985 Nissan 300ZX

Updated 4/18/2014 12:00:00 PM