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  • chknhwk
  • chknhwk | Allentown,PA

Gettin' some work done! - 19058252
Gettin' some work done! - 19058253
Gettin' some work done! - 19058254
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Gettin' some work done!

I can't wait to finish up the front bumper. Stage one of aero underway!

New wheels and tires - 19057949
New wheels and tires - 19057951
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New wheels and tires

I didn't like the 9.5" wheels sticking out of the fenders (on the car when I bought it) with the 205 width tires so I picked up some decent Axis Sport and Su... Show more

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1998 Ford Contour

Updated 6/14/2014 11:22:00 AM

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