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  • Bluethunder1975
  • Bluethunder1975 | calgary,AB

Test Fit - 19064285

Test Fit

Test fitting the trunk floor out of the 94 in the 90.. Great fit.

No turning back now - 19061070

No turning back now

Chopping the trunk floor out to swap in a vr6 fuel tank

90 Body work - 19045681
90 Body work - 19045682
2 photos

90 Body work

Fixed an odd hole cut into the door on the 90. Was probably part of the shitty 1990's car alarm system that was hacked into the electrical system. Also ins... Show more

Stripping the parts car..  - 19045676
Stripping the parts car..  - 19045677
Stripping the parts car..  - 19045678
4 photos

Stripping the parts car..

A few shots of the 94 that will be donating the wiring harness, interior, K-Frame, and suspension. I've already pulled the dash and doors.

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