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  • Bill Miles
  • Bill Miles | Wilmington,No

First MOD - Tires - 19195266

First MOD - Tires

February 15, 2018 Of course the first thing that needed to be done is tires!  I have always done research before buying tires...before buying anything reall... Show more

MOD 8 - Wheel Color - 19195278

MOD 8 - Wheel Color

September 15, 2018 Getting a little too much yellow accents now.  And, I want it to feel more authentic.  As much as the wife and kids loved the yellow whee... Show more

MOD 7 - Rocker Panel Stripes

August 15, 2018 Next up is to finish the striping.  Ordered from a business off EBay the ‘65 size rocker panel stripes with original location of the letteri... Show more

MOD 6 - Hood Decal

July 15, 2018  A true fan of Mustangs know the name did not come originally from the horse. It came from the P 51 Mustang infamous of World War II. I want t... Show more

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2010 Ford Mustang

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