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Been a While

Wow it's been a long time since I updated this. I don't have any pictures as I haven't actually completed much since my last entry. Work and life just seem t... Show more

Prepping for a rapid swap - 19055632
Prepping for a rapid swap - 19055633
2 photos

Prepping for a rapid swap

Been busy putting the car back together, prepping it for transport up to my dad's. As soon as I get back from the Barrie swap meet we will be hauling it up f... Show more

Restoration/Modifications (2007-2010) - 16304226
Restoration/Modifications (2007-2010) - 16304232
Restoration/Modifications (2007-2010) - 16304227
7 photos

Restoration/Modifications (2007-2010)

It took years of time, lots of money and more than a bit of blood and sweat to do but by 2009 the beast was about 60% complete ag... Show more

1975 Buick Apollo (2005) - 16304220
1975 Buick Apollo (2005) - 16304221
1975 Buick Apollo (2005) - 16304222
3 photos

1975 Buick Apollo (2005)

I picked this car up from a junk yard with my dad back in 2005; no expectations to meet just a sense of "what the hell have I got... Show more

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1975 Buick Apollo

Updated 12/12/2016 10:07:00 PM

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