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  • alex beville
  • alex beville | Harrisonburg,VA

Future projects - 16186547

Future projects

This is my stock pile of projects to install but like everything, they require time and money to put in. this pile consists of purge bottles, selinoids,... Show more

windshield washer nozzles - 16186530

windshield washer nozzles

Had a pair of red neon license plate frames but they faded out so I'm replacing them with L.E.D. license plate frames. The colored frames and the nozzles mad... Show more

interior lights - 16185804
interior lights - 16185805
interior lights - 16186443
8 photos

interior lights

Lights are in the front doors, under the front seats and under the dash. Waiting to put the glove box, which has the L.E.D. light attached to it, b... Show more

gauges - 16185789
gauges - 16185790
gauges - 16185791
5 photos


triple gauge pillar has an air-to-fuel gauge, volt gauge, and vacuum gauge. gauges are glowshift tinted 10 color gauges. Would like to follow them up with se... Show more

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2003 Mazda Protege

Updated 4/23/2013 9:00:00 AM

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