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More Powder Coating - 19115597
More Powder Coating - 19115598
2 photos

More Powder Coating

I had bead blasted these replacement front subframe crossmember pieces and front anti-sway bar quite some time ago, but finally was around town long enough t... Show more

Powder-coated lower control arms - 19056286
Powder-coated lower control arms - 19056287
Powder-coated lower control arms - 19056288
3 photos

Powder-coated lower control arms

I just finished up powder coating my lower control arms...Now I just need to press in the bushing and ball joint and it'll be ready to install when the time ... Show more

LH Rear Seat Frame Damage & Repairs - 19046958
LH Rear Seat Frame Damage & Repairs - 19046959
LH Rear Seat Frame Damage & Repairs - 19046960
9 photos

LH Rear Seat Frame Damage & Repairs

Here's what my rear upper seat frame looked like after receiving it from UPS and after about half an hour of work to get it back into its original shape. I s... Show more

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1991 Dodge Stealth

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1973 Dodge Challenger

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